I realize this is kind of silly, but it's a perfect indicator of the way our society thinks.  Last week, Shayne and I went to Lowes and spent about $1300 on a new dishwasher, fridge, and flooring for our kitchen.  I am excited about our mini-remodel, and happily told just about anyone who would listen about our plans.  Nearly everybody's response?  "Oh, you got your tax return, huh?"

No.  No, we didn't.  Actually, we haven't even filed yet.

We're not rich, by any means, but we are pretty frugal.  We save money.  Every month.  It's not always easy, and there are often things I'd rather do.  But we have a savings account with more than $5 in it, and we used some of our short-term savings to buy our appliances.  If our tax return never materialized, or if we owed on our taxes, we still would have bought the appliances, because it's one of the things we've been saving for.

Like I said, I know it's silly.  But it bothers me that the general attitude of people is that you don't save money for large purchases, you wait until the government gives you your money back.  Sorry... We don't live like that.


Karen in Wichita said...

This billboard, which is all over Wichita right now, sums up everything wrong with modern society:


What, actually save up for something? How quaint, when you can just incur debt instead.

Amy Watson said...

I'll tell you something that drives me crazy about tax returns...people who complain about not having any money constantly and then suddenly start making stupid purchases when they get their return and wind up blowing the whole thing!

Okay, done with my rant now! Thanks for letting me get it off my chest!

Di said...

Amy - Yeah, I hear ya on that one. I have some acquaintances who do exactly that. Why pay bills? Let's go to Florida! *sigh*

Jennifer said...

Good to know we're not the only ones who use cash and only when we've saved it up! I am so sick of people complaining about not having money! The people that I hear that from usually have fancy cell phones, new clothes, cable TV, and lease payments for fancy cars! Sorry for my rant.