Decluttering update

As you may recall, I set a goal to remove 2011 items from my home in 2011.  I started off strong, and was over 150 items by early January.  Then life happened, and I got a little sidetracked.  But I'm still plugging away, donating baby clothes, tossing old magazines and catalogues, and sorting through my cupboards and cabinets.  I don't have a comprehensive list compiled, but I am keeping track.

I'm up to 230 items as of today.

It's addictive.  I want so much to get rid of more things and downsize further.  I want to toss all our DVD boxes and put the discs into a binder, but Shayne would have a fit I think (I'm scared to even ask).  We are going to buy a external hard drive and record all our CDs to mp3, then donate the CDs.  We ditched our $60/month cable package and switched to Netflix over the Xbox.  Just little things, but it frees up space and money.

I think it's finally starting to hit home for us that we are going to move.  Although we don't know exactly when, and we certainly don't know where, it's looming on the horizon.  And I really, really don't want to pack up all of the crap we've accumulated and move it with us.  I've done it before.  Twice.  It's not an experience I want to repeat.  The less we have, the easier the move will be, and the less we'll have to work at "staging" our house.


Omar said...

I'm in decluttering mode too. It's amazing the amount of junk you can accumulate in a few years. Five years ago we basically had 4 or 5 boxes of stuff. Now we have a whole house full of stuff. Arggh! Good luck! :)

Di said...

When we moved here, I had boxes from my apartment (which was from 2 years before we bought the Prairie Box) that I had never even unpacked. Scary. When you count the 150 things I got rid of before the new year, I'm up to about 400. I can't believe how much junk we had!

Jennifer said...

I just discovered this blog! I love it. Melissa Jackson recommended it whe I had chicken questions. On the decluttering subject, back when we had cable watching the show "hoarders" made me rethink my house and storage. I now get rid of everything we do not use and donate. "Hoarders" made me feel like hoarder even though I am nothing like them. Also, we don't buy anything unless we need it AND it has to be resalvaged or made in the USA. That helps keep down accumulation.