Office photos

We finally got some paint of the walls...  The first photo shows the color more accurately.  It's a subdued greenish-blue, which is kind of funny since it's sort of close to the original color of the walls in this room.  We weren't aiming for that detailed of a restoration, but that's how it worked out.
This second photo is of the new-and-improved closet opening.  This is where the closet was originally, before the PPOs decided to sabotage the linen closet into a partial bedroom closet.  We did double the width of the original doorway, but the closet dimensions have been returned to what they should be.  The hall closet is again a hall closet (or will be once we have hanging rods and such in the "new" closet and move our clothes back where they belong).
The trim is going to stay white but will get a fresh coat of paint, probably this weekend.  I'll also be sorting through the salvaged trim in the garage to recreate the missing pieces on two walls.

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The Melo Family said...

Beautiful color! Not to much longer and you'll have an office again!! Woot!