It's kind of ironic; I'm busier at home on the weekends than I am at "work" during the week.  Now that the upstairs is almost as organized as it's likely to get before the baby arrives (we're still going to buy two closet organizer systems and install them in the "new" closets... One of them will be in by tomorrow), it's time to move elsewhere.  So, my wonderful mom is coming over today to help me organize the basement storage area.  Not sure why this is important before having a baby, but I want to get it done.  I'd like to have more space for food storage especially.  Ever since canning all that corn, jam, peaches, and spaghetti sauce, I'm really running out of room.  And I still have to do applesauce and blueberry butter.  And I hardly have any staples stored.  So today I'm on a mission to find some space. 

In case you're wondering where my hubby has been during all the help from my mom...  Today he's taking our nieces and nephews to the AirZoo in Kalamazoo as a reward for helping to clean up our yard and garage yesterday.  I guess hubbies "nest" too, since he suddenly decided the garage needed to be cleaned... NOW.  The rest of the time he's been working like crazy at part-time jobs.  Since I'll be off work for 12 weeks, we're trying to build up our savings account as much as possible.  He's not slacking, I promise!!

Our bedroom upstairs has walls again, and the drywall only needs 2 more mud applications and to be sanded.  Then that's done too.  We're not going to paint until spring I don't think, since we can't seem to find a new bedding set we like.  So we'll just prime the room and closet, then paint the closet and call it good.  I'm SO ready to be done with house projects for a while...

One of the up-sides of working on the house so much, though, is that I'm MUCH happier with it than I was in the spring.  We still want to move before the kidlet goes to school, but it seems much less pressing than it did.  Working on the house makes me feel like I have some control over my environment.  So even though the neighbors killed our privacy, I'm finding other things about our house and property to be satisfied by.  Like our little veggie garden.  Or the patio-to-be next to the garage (it was a jungle of weeds, but my mom and I ripped out all the weeds, then Shayne spread landscape fabric and mulch until we can add paving stones or something more patio-y).  Even fixing the closets upstairs has helped, since I know I'm adding value to the house, plus making sense out of something that was ruined.

And hopefully soon, we'll have a new little project to take up all of our time...!

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