Office progress: Ready for paint!

As of Friday evening the office is officially ready for paint.  It is nearly primed (Shayne just needs to cut in around the trim), and my mom is coming over tomorrow to help with the "real" painting.  Then we'll paint the trim (don't worry, it was already painted!), and it will be as finished as it's going to get for now.  Floor sanding and refinishing is going to wait until spring, since I don't want any residual fumes in the house when baby arrives.  Plus, we're just about out of time, and I'd rather concentrate on other things. 

I can't believe I'm due in 4 weeks!!  Yeek!

By Tuesday we should have all the office crap out of the nursery and into the office.  It'll be so fun to finally get to set up the nursery!  Not that the baby's going to sleep in there for the first few months, but still...  I'm especially anxious to bring up the glider I bought as a surprise for Shayne (he already knows, don't worry).  Babies R Us was having a floor model sale at the same time as gliders were 20% off, so I managed to snag the reclining glider Shayne really wanted for 40% of the original $400 price.  And with all the gift cards we had received, I only had to pay $50 out of pocket.  BRU cleaned up the cushions for me, and aside from one little stain on one side of the seat cushion, you can't tell it from new.  Yay for bargain shopping!

In the master bedroom, the Pepto-Bismol pink plaster was removed completely, and we're down to the studs.  It was a difficult decision for me, since I really prefer to keep the original materials when possible.  Sadly, part of my concern was time; it takes much longer to patch in drywall, skimcoat, and feather in the differing materials.  I really want this done and painted before the baby gets here.  Another issue was the plaster itself.  It wasn't in terrible shape, but by the time we removed the parts that were crumbling, there wouldn't be enough left to make the work worth it (IMO).  I'd have felt differently if it was the living room or dining room, I think, since we're really trying to keep as much original as possible in the main areas of the house.  But since the bedrooms have already been butchered...  I obviously feel guilty about my decision, since I'm trying so hard to justify it.  Oh well.

Also in the master bedroom, the closet opening is going to be reframed to better match the scale of the house.  It's currently 84" tall, making it a little taller than our bedroom doorway.  If we were to add matching woodwork to an opening that size, it would look odd.  So it will be shrinking to a more reasonable 72" to match every other closet door in the house.  Tony thought I was crazy to want make the openings so short, since we'll probably have to order custom doors (or find salvaged ones), but I'm convinced we should match the other closets as closely as possible.  We might be taking the width of the opening down as well, but I'll have to go up and measure to see. 

I'm not sure when we'll get woodwork for the closets to match the rest of the doors.  I have some bits and pieces out in the garage that may work.

Paint in the master bedroom should happen within 2 weeks, barring any catastrophes.  Talk about cutting it close!!

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