The slowest renovation ever

Is there anyone who renovates a house slower than we do?  I was reading through some of my old posts and realized that we started tearing up the living room in November 2005.  Ths stairway stripping started in early 2006.  And I started into the office in June 2006.

It's 2009! 

And I haven't truly finished anything yet!

Living room is at 98%.  I have to put 3 pieces of woodwork back up. 
The stairway is at about 75%.  I need to finish staining, then shellac.
Office...  Maybe 50%.  We need to paint the walls and trim, buy/salvage/create new trim for the new closet opening, and refinish the floors.
Nursery is at about 90%.  Floor refinishing.
Master bedroom...  Well, we haven't even completed the demo part, just removed the crappy bookshelf to make a lovely hole in the wall.
Kitchen is a lost cause.
We actually haven't messed with the dining room except to paint the paneling.  It's the only room in the house that is still intact.



Karen in Wichita said...

Oh, I think we have you beat. We haven't even gotten the exterior painted yet, and we started talking about that in... uh... I have no idea. Last millenium, I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those sharing the ride on the mercilessly slow renovation train ride. I don't know about you, but I find that it isn't the project itself that takes so long, but the finishing touches often get delayed for years. For example, there are a couple of kitchen cabinet trim pieces that haven't been installed yet from our renovation in 2000. So I'm with ya!...

diane in nj said...

I feel so much better -- knowing I'm not alone. I have dubbed my small, teen's colonial the "Steven King House" -- 'cos we've lived here 20+ years and it's STILL not complete!! I get so frustrated at times and feel sick when I see people rip out all of the old plaster and features of these old homes and make them look like new with Home Depot materials -- but at least they are done! I am finally getting back to a project started in the early 90's and have finally begun not to care whether or not everything looks "period"...the house will never be finished and the value will never even come close to what has been put into it -- and the worst part, should I ever sell it, I can almost guarantee the next owner will rip out the original plaster walls, paint over the woodwork, and refinish the oak floors in polyurethane!