Stolen flowers

Last year, I umm... stole some flowers.  A friend and I were driving along a country road in the middle of nowhere, and in the woods off to the side was a field of woodland phlox.  I always loved phlox, but the plants sold at our local nursery weren't the same.  So we dug up a few bunches and transplanted them in my garden. 

One bunch by the neighbor's fence got mildewy (a common problem with phlox).  Another bunch that we planted at the edge of the woods just plain died.  And the third bunch that we put on the side of the house looked like it just might make it. 

A few weeks ago, I noticed some big, green bunches growing near the fence and on the side of the house.  It looked like phlox, but I couldn't be sure; this was WAY more than I had transplanted last summer.  Looking at some wild phlox growing along the road this morning, I'm now certain: my phlox came back and are preparing to bloom!

I should add that I have since found out that it is illegal to remove wildflowers from "the wild" in most states.  Since the property I took my flowers from belonged to someone, I'm not sure they qualify as wild.  Still, if nothing else, I did technically steal them.  I'm very glad to have my phlox, but I won't be taking any more roadside wildflowers, just in case.

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