My seeds are sprouting!

Last week, in an act of desperation, I planted some of last year's seeds in a couple of egg cartons.  I think I broke every seed-sprouting rule there is: I used soil from the garden, I didn't water from the bottom, and I accidentally left them outside overnight a few times...  But as of today, I have about 6 broccoli seedlings!  I also have a couple lettuce sprouts.  Nothing yet from the tomatoes and carrots, but the package says 7-10 days, so there's still time.

I also supplemented my seedlings with started plants.  I bought broccoli (to spread out the harvest), roma tomatoes, and yellow bell peppers.

Shayne is going to make me a raised bed with some wood salvaged from the stash in my mom's garage rafters, and I plan to give square foot gardening a go.  Compost and mulch are free for South Bend residents from the Department of Organic Resources, so long as you load it yourself.  I'm not sure if we count, since we're outside the city limits, but our mailing address is South Bend...  Still, at only $4 per yard for non-residents, it's a bargain.

If all goes well, we should have our started plants in the ground by Monday!

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