Hall closet? Check!

Tony the Drywall Guy made big progress today.  He was only here about an hour, but he "patched" the former office closet over, making it once again a hall closet.  See?

I don't really have any great "before" pictures, but I suppose this gives you an idea of what it used to be:
Of course, when we bought the house, the room was nicely finished in wallpaper-covered paneling, and the door opening was trimmed with el cheapo builder's special trim... 

I'm so excited to have real progress that actually makes a difference in the function of the house.  Once the office closet is completed, the hall closet will become a place to store linens, the vacuum cleaner, and seasonal items like coats and extra blankets. 

Wow, you know you've really hit adulthood when you get excited about things like closets...

Tony will be back on Friday, hopefully with an electrician.  Then the knob and tube will be taken care of, and we'll have a new ceiling fan hookup. 

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Jenny Kerr said...

that is gonna look great! you know it's so nice to see you back posting again!