The neglectful blogger

Yes, yes, I'm still alive.  And still procrastinating.  Some things never change.

I've been concentrating a little more on getting the dining room to look like a dining room and not a college student's first apartment.  For example, there are now a few items on the walls.  And an old wood and metal "console" table that I had hiding in the basement is now holding a few decorative items.  And the Sauder faux-wood bookshelf is on its way to the basement.  Before too long, I also plan on having a new mission-style chandelier in there as well.  Maybe even a new dining set, if I can find on at a good price.  And a rug!

I just got sick of looking at it.  Compared to the living room, the dining room was just a train wreck.

Oh, and at the recommendation of my grandmother, I finally bought a plant for the living room.  It was supposed to be a fern, since "that's what everyone used to have in their living rooms," but I got a "spathiphyllum" (also known as a peace lily) instead.  I'll get a fern to go in the corner next to my rocking chair, I think.  Assuming I don't kill the peace lily, that is.  House plants and I don't always get along... 


Jenny Kerr said...

I'd love to see your dining room when it's done, give me new ideas! I say the same thing about my house (college apartment) I am living out of three rooms at the moment; our livingroom, diningroom and kitchen... with teh diningroom being my bedroom. LOL.. all the Ikea furniture doesn't help with the dorm room effect either I guess. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.