Molasses in January

That old saying is a pretty accurate description of the speed of my home renovation work...  I did, however, buy a frame for the vintage look poster for Sleeping Bear Dunes that my mom bought me for my birthday.  Shayne and I are planning on hanging it when I get home from work.  Pictures to follow...

We're also going to look at a mission style dining room set I found on craigslist.  That's not til Sunday, but I'm almost positive we're going to buy it.  It lookes perfect in the pictures, and the price is very, very reasonable.  I already found a new home for our current dining room table, too, so it won't be sitting around taking up space that we don't have.  Joy!

I've really been concentrating more on furnishing than on renovating.  I'm sick of the entire house looking like a war zone or college dorm, just because we're renovating a few rooms.  My mom generously "offered" to help paint the kitchen (she owes me some house work, since I helped refinish her kitchen cabinets), so as soon as I can decide on a color and find some low-VOC paint, we'll be off and running with that little project as well.  Once that's done, we'll add some baseboard and door trim in there too, to replace the faux wood the PPOs installed.

The framing upstairs still hasn't happened.  We are now the proud owners of a brand new Skil miter saw, though.  Maybe eventually we'll even use it!


Jennifer said...

Ooo... but your molasses is running much faster than mine! :)

Sounds like a lot of nice, manageable tasks ahead of you!

Shane and Casey said...

You can always use more tools!