Dining room pics

Thanks to the help of friends and family, the "new" dining room set arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  Since then, I've been gawking at it almost constantly; it looks so pretty!  It's the perfect size for the room, and just looks like it belongs there.  New furniture is so fun!

Isn't it beautiful??  :)  All we need to do is buy some curtains, hang a few more pictures, and we'll be set.  The paneling, ceiling tiles, and laminate floor aren't slated for removal for a few more years, but at least the room will look decent now.

Sure beats the heck out of this:
I'm guessing that picture was taken about 2 years ago...  We've since painted the paneling and moved all the living room crap out of there (obviously).  It's far from perfect, but a little paint helped a whole lot, I think.  When we repaint the dining room "for keeps", I would like a darker tan for the walls, since it looks a little washed out compared to the rich gold in the living room.  Still, I don't hate it now, and I won't be embarassed to have company over!

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Omar said...

Wow, looks great -- I love that buffet.. I remember the pride and awe I had when we furnished our dining room. Someday we'll finish it off with a proper buffet. Congrats!