Thanks Greg!

Thanks to Greg over at the Petch House, I might just have a solution to our bathroom dilemma. My main reason for wanting to have a bigger bathroom is to have a clawfoot tub. Shayne refuses to shower in one, since he says the curtain sucks in at you from all sides and makes it a very confining experience. Enter Greg's clawfoot shower. I read about this when he posted about laying his bathroom tile, then promptly forgot about it, since it didn't really apply to me at the time. Then I found a post on OldHouseWeb's bulletin boards about showering in a clawfoot tub. And bells started going off in my head.

Greg's shower curtain doesn't go around his tub, it just blocks the rest of the bathroom from the spray. There's a small drain under the tub to collect water that goes overboard, so there are no worries about flooding. This might be good for us since we plan on having kidlets, and kidlets tend to splash water around. This would also be good for us, since it would keep the curtain from sucking in at you.
This idea could be implemented by leaving the tub where it is, and adding the alcove for the sink. It would save us a TON of money. Hmmm...