Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

After more bathroom agony (mine from thinking so much, Shayne's from having to listen to all my ideas and deal with my flip-flopping), we've come to a decision. Finally. Here is the winning plan for the bathroom:

Ironically, it's the layout I came up with before we even moved into the house. But at least now I know I've examined any alternatives and it really is the best choice for us. I get my clawfoot tub, Shayne gets his shower, everyone is happy. And it looks absoloutely wonderful in Diane's bathroom, which is nearly identical to ours:

We have an appointment to go visit a clawfoot tub on Tuesday. It's a 5.5' one, so it's a little bigger than the one we saved from our rental hovel. Hopefully it will accomodate Shayne's 6'2" frame better than the 5' one. I'm not looking forward to the expensive faucet hardware, but it's still cheaper than a $1500 new tub.

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