I like meat, but...

This just about made me sick. God gave us the earth and its creatures to take care of, not to be cruel to. I do eat meat. I will continue to eat meat. But I think I'm done with meat from factory farms. This is disgusting. I don't want to eat something that has lived in its own shit, then fed antibiotics just to keep it alive in the terrible conditions. I want healty, naturally raised food. "Farms" like these are just another reason to know where your food comes from and how it was treated before it came to your table. When eating out, I'll take the salad, please. Pesticides and all.

This video is pretty graphic in spots. Fair warning. One of the clips that really got to me was edited out of this video. It showed a calf that couldn't walk being dragged around by one rear leg by a man at an auction. The calf was kicking and bawling, and when it struggled he's just yank on its leg harder. Maybe not as terrible has some of the clips of dying animals dragging themselves around, but it just really bothered me.

Please watch this. You deserve to know what you're eating. You, and the animals we eat, deserve better.


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