Shopping for built-ins

Shayne and I went back to the antique store this morning and bought the built-in corner cabinet I mentioned a few days ago. It was a steal at only $120, and we're going to dress it up a little with a leaded-glass window and new door knobs. Shayne didn't think it would fit in the CR-V, so we're going to wait to pick it up until later this week when we can borrow a truck. I'll post pictures when it's made it safely home.

I really don't have anything else of interest to write about tonight... Paint stripping is on hold until we buy a respirator , since I would like to start stripping using the heat gun instead of Citristrip (lead fumes are bad!). Everything else is on hold until we get the last bit of unremovable woodwork stripped; once that's done, though, we'll paint the living room. Afer that, all we have to do is refinish the floors, then strip and refinish the remaining woodwork as time permits. even if we do the woodwork a little bit at a time, it will be good to have the floors done so we can put our furniture back in the living room. We're definitely on the home stretch now...

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