The Not-So-Original Kitchen Cabinets, Part II

It turns out that our not-so-original kitchen cabinets might actually be the original kitchen cabinets. Go figure. This is what we thought in the beginnning, but after reading Bungalow Kitchens, it didn't seem like they fit the profile. Our cabinets don't have recessed-panel, flush-mount doors or, latches, or mortise hinges. It is my understanding that our kitchen, if it was original, should have looked something like this photo from Rejuvenation:

Instead of that type of cabinet, our have beveled-edge drawers and doors with hinges that are mounted to the cabinet face. Kristen at oldhousewebs.com had cabinets in her 1937 home that look exactly like ours:

I don't know that I'll ever know for sure, but I'd like to think that those cabinets just might be original. Until it's been proven otherwise, I'll operate under that assumption and plan on returning the cabinets to their home in the kitchen.


Patricia W said...

I think your kitchen is lovely. The wallpaper brings the whole thing together and the color of your tile is awesome! In fact, I like it more than the first picture.

Di said...

I wish it was mine!! That picture is of Kristen's house at http://www.1937bungalow.com :)

Marg. said...

I think we found our original cabinet doors (and possibly the matchsticks made of the rest of them, sigh), recycled in the 30's or 40's into shelves hidden in our basement's bay.

Tehy look to have been painted cream and a pale olivey green that would probably go with the very A&C olive color we found furthest in on the walls.

They're pretty simple framed doors, like those Rejuvenation ones, but with a wood panel instead of glass. I've got a photo of them, in situ, on my blog today, if you wanna go look.