Conflict of Interests

I'm not sure how it looks to folks outside of my project, but to me, it feels like we're progressing at an amazingly slow rate. As much as I try to keep my blog free of my personal/professional life, right now, they are really affecting each other. Next weekend I'll be taking a physical agility test, which is the first step in the process to get promoted from a deputy (jail officer) to Patrolman (police officer). I've been having trouble managing my time, since I've been working out pretty hard to make sure I pass the test. So when I get home at night, I'm pretty exhausted. The only time I've been making real progress is on my days off (and thank God I have 3 of them!). Once I get this agaility test out of the way, I'll have a few interviews, but those won't eat up my time and energy like working out does. And, if I get promoted, I'll have more money and time off to play with, which will hopefully mean more progress on the house (and a happier, more fulfilled me) :)

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