Quick Fix: Dresser Make-over

Ever since I was little, we've had this dresser.

Actually, it's even older than that; I believe my mom had it when she was growing up in the 50s. Either way, it hadn't been painted for as long as I can remember, and it was something of an eyesore in our bedroom. ((Please excuse the ugliness of our office. We'll be working to remedy that soon...))

So yesterday I got suddenly motivated to re-do the dresser. At about 3:30, I was walking around the house, thinking, "Gee, I don't have enough to do right now. The house is a mess, I still have some wallpaper to remove, and we nee to finish priming. Why don't I paint the dresser?" With that, I ran off to Menard's (In my defense, I did need some more Citristrip...).

The paint guy at Menards recommended a foam roller, saying that would give me a smooth finish. That, along with a quart of paint and 15 drawer pulls cost about $55.

When I got home, I removed the old hardware and sanded everything to eliminate the brushstrokes from previous paintings. Then, I wiped it down to remove the dust and started painting. In about 3 hours, including dry time, I was completely finished. Unfortunately, the foam roller did not do its advertised trick of creating a smooth finish. I believe the paint was too thick and dried too fast for it to smooth out. It's a lighter texture than with an ordinary roller, but it's still bumpy to the touch.

Regardless, it looks MUCH better!

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