There goes the neighborhood...

Even though Lydick would never qualify for historic neighborhood status, there are lots of nice early 20th century homes here. Many are a little run down, but what can you expect from a town that fell off the map 30 years ago? The advantage to this is that many of the homes here have only had one or two owners, and nobpdy's been ambitious enough to remodel them in strange and awkward ways. Well, except for these folks... This house used to be a nice little bungalow (the part in the center with the dormer). Now, it is a hulking monstrosity with a Greek temple attached to the front. Why bother doing this to your house? Why not just build a new one instead of ruining what you have?

Thankfully, this is the only truly remuddled house in Lydick. I'm sure others have been victims of "updating" on the interior, and vinyl siding is still the exterior of choice, but none even come close to this one. And I thought the PPO's from my house had bad taste!!

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