Living Room Progress: Stripping Stairs and Woodwork

For the first time in what feels like forever, I made some progress on the living room. This morning (well, okay, afternoon for you normal people on 1st shift) I glopped Citristrip on the remaining stairs to remove the paint, padding, and adhesive. Then, I started in on the windows with the heat gun. I made some good progress before my hand started to cramp from holding the scraper too tightly and too long. I don't have a good before or after picture, but here's an in-the-middle picture. After the picture was taken, I finished stripping the remaining trim. I'll save the windows for another day, since I can't use the heat gun that close to the glass, and it was too chilly to take them out to use a chemical stripper. I'm currently working on the baseboards, but taking a break due to more hand cramps... The wood is in excellent shape and, because it has the original finish under the paint, it's really easy to strip. Tomorrow, when it's light out, I'll take more pictures.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading to a indoor yard sale at a Craftsman home in Mishawaka. Mom and I went there on a Christmas house tour several years ago, and I guess they're now selling everything. I don't remember what kind of furnishings they had, since at the time I wasn't as interested in furnishings, but I remember everything being nice. Maybe I'll find a good deal on some Craftsman living room furnishings...

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