Pipe dreams

So much for the great, wonderful, free clawfoot tub... Shayne hopped inside it to make sure he'd like it and found that it's too short for him. WAY too short. It would have been comical if it hadn't been so depressing. I've sort of come to grips with not being able to use it in the upstairs bathroom, but I'm still hoping we can find a use for it in the downstairs bathroom. Currently there's not enough room in there to turn around, let alone add a tub, but we'll see. If we do add on to the back porch, we should be able to bring the tub into the bathroom. If nothing else, maybe I can get one of those do-it-yourself refinishing kits (or have it done professionally) and resell the tub to someone who will love and cherish it. *sigh*

Also today in the quest for a longer clawfoot tub, I called a tub refinisher in South Bend. The company I contacted had several tubs, but none longer than 5'. Poo. They did tell me that refinishing a tub with porcelain enamel (as opposed to polyurethane or some other similar synthetic) would cost me $650. More expensive than the synthetic stuff, but I'd prefer the original materials to something I can't pronounce. He also took my name and number and said he'd call if he came across a long tub.

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