Hall closet recreation begun!

I came home from work today to find that John had finished framing over the opening from the office into the hall closet.  While I still need to use it as a closet for my stuff, it is on its way to becoming a hall closet once again.  Soon it shall house only linens, blankets, laundry, and a vacuum.  I'm so excited; this is the first substantial (i.e. not just cosmetic) step we've taken in unremuddling the house.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about...  This is what the upstairs of the house looks like right now:

There are three closets, two of which are noticeably...odd.  The former hall closet became a walk-thru closet with an unusable shelving unit and rods hung every whichway.  The master bedroom closet is only about half accessible.  Pretty goofy arrangement.

This is what the upstairs should be, and what we're returning it to:

Four closets, all of them perfectly functional. Even John the handyman thought that the previous owners were nuts to "rearrange" the openings the way they did.  But now, finally, we're on our way to fixing it.

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Shane and Casey said...

That makes *much* more sense! I can imagine that long closet with the door way off to the side has quite a bit of unusable space.