Chambers Stove Restoration (finally continued)

It seems I just took a break from everything over the winter...  But now that spring is funally coming, I want to get everything done, lol.  I don't think that's quite gonna happen, but I've resumed working on some projects I've left half-finished for way too long.  My Chambers stove restoration is one of these projects.

Last spring and summer I just about completely disassembled my stove.  It went from this:

To this:
Within a matter of weeks after I bought it.  Scary, isn't it?

Then I attacked it with a wire wheel and sandpaper, bring it to this:
I know, it really didn't look that much better...  But then I primed it, which really helped it along.
It's actually a little further along than what the picture shows.  The bottom edge is all cleaned off and primed, and the rust around the oven is gone too.  I can't paint there since it's cast iron, but I will coat it with stove black so that it will match and be protected from rust.

Here's the progression from the back, which was worse-looking than the front:

So that's pretty much where I stand.  I got hung up when I stripped screws on the underside of the cast iron chromed cooktop.  All the PB Blaster in the world wouldn't loosen them, and the drillout kit we bought from Sears wouldn't penetrate the heat-hardened screws.  We were at a loss.  One of  Shayne's friends who owns a machine shop had to heat the screws with a torch, then work some magic to get them out.  I have no idea what he did, but I'm eternally grateful.

This week, I'm sending out the burner heads, drip pans, and burner grates for new porcelain (shiny! pretty!).  I'm also going to start calling around to plating shops so that I can have the cooktop rechromed.  And in the meantime, starting today, I'm going to finish cleaning and priming the few bits and pieces I didn't get to last summer.

Unfortunately, the way that the stove is assembled, most of the "guts" are attached to the cooktop.  I won't be able to do much with them until the top is rechromed.  But I plan on being ready once it's shiny and new and ready for action.


Omar said...

I'm sure stuccohouse would love this sort of thing -- I love vintage appliances. Way more cool than stainless steel. :)

Shane and Casey said...

That looks like a lot of work! It is looking great though

Shelley Croxall said...

We love your blog!! We are heading in a similar direction with our life! I was hoping you might have a couple minutes to send me your feedback on your Chambers. We are having one restored and are searching for some input from other Chambers owners!