Modern conveniences

Of all the "modern" conveniences I love, I honestly think that my favorite is the carpet cleaner.  Pretty sad, huh?  But with two big dogs to track in dirt and a kitty who yaks up every time she eats so much as a blade of grass, I don't know what I would do without it.  Especially since whenever someone has an accident or illness, they always seem to look for the nearest rug to barf or crap on.  I don't know how people had carpets in their entire house before home carpet cleaners were invented.

And as I was cleaning up one of the critter's messes this morning, I took a good long look at the carpet cleaner.  It was filthy.  Absolutely disgusting.  So I took it apart to clean it.  I recommend a pair of rubber gloves and a strong stomach for that part.  All I can say is it wasn't pleasant. 

I also cleaned out the microwave this morning.  I must be on a cleaning-things-that-rarely-get-cleaned binge.  The microwave wasn't so bad, though.  We're not complete heathens.

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