Why I hate my house today

Ok, I realize it's not the house's fault.  It didn't invite the PPOs in and invite them to jack things up.  It didn't beg to be covered in 5 layers of wallpaper and paneling or have its woodwork painted brown.  It didn't request ugly 80s cabinets in place of the originals (even if the originals were green...).  And it certainly didn't say that half-assed work is good enough.  But I'm going to blame the house for everything, just for today.

I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones or just the fact that there always seems to be endless work to do on the house, but I'm feeling very discouraged today.  We went to the bank the other day to refinance our mortgage, and we were told that we'd have to have the house reappraised.  Meaning that someone will come into our seriously disorganized and half-finished house and we have to convince them it's worth just as much now as it was when it was all put together 3 years ago.  Like that's going to happen...

I've read some articles online about having ahome appraisal, and they say you should stage your home as you would if you are selling it.  But all the cleaning in the world won't hide the fact that the walls are bare, cracked plaster in the office, that th upstairs floors have bits of adhesive and carpet padding stuck to them, and that the woodwork in the hall and stairwell is still MIA.  It also won't hide that the dining room walls are painted paneling or that the kitchen floor is cheapo laminate. 


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C&C said...

I feel your pain. Pregnant, self-employed (successfully, too), and needing a refinance because our interest rate is due to jump up in December and now banks don't want to help the self-employed so much. Hang in there! And best wishes for your appraisal!