Two Week Extravaganza: Progress Report

My two weeks didn't go quite the way I had planned.  I accomplished both more and less than I had hoped for.

Here is the list of possible projects to work on:
  1. Finish sanding the stairs
  2. Stain and shellac the stairs
  3. Sand/refinish nursery floor
  4. Have upstairs doors and woodwork stripped
I listed other unfinished projects, but more to show how much we have going than as an actual to-do list.

Here's what I actually got done:
  1. Nearly finished sanding the stairs.  The big hang-up was finding a sander that could get into the crevices and actually do a decent job sanding.  The Skil Octo sander we have just wasn't cutting it.  It works well for a limited number of things, but using any of the tools that extend its reach (the little finger sander and the extended mouse shape) doesn't apply enough pressure to really scrub off old finish.  Towards the end of my two days off I found a Dremel sander that absoloutely kicks butt, but I only had time to use it on 1/3 of the parts that need finished. 
  2. Shellac and stain the stairs.  Obviously this didn't quite get done, since not all the stairs are sanded and ready to go.  However, we did finish the top 5 stairs above the landing.  They're stained, shellacked, and reassembled.  And, I can tell ya, the stairways is going to look awesome if this is any indication.  The little piece of cove molding that goes under each tread hasn't been refinished yet, but I'm sending those to the stripper.  Photos coming soon.
  3. Refinish the nursery floors.  Didn't happen.  I didn't even clean the nursery.  Oh well, I have 7 months left.
  4. Living room windows and upstairs doors.  Haven't made it to the stripper yet.  I'm considering leaving the upstairs woodwork painted, since there's not much natural light in the hallway.  Would dark woodwork close it in?  I'm undecided.
  5. Add final coat of shellac to living room floor.  This one I actually did.  When we bought the bookcase, I knew we were getting too much furniture for the living room to be able to move it all around easily.  So, before the bookcase came home, I added another thin coat of shellac to the floor.  It made it super shiny (I've since learned that the wax in the waxy shellac makes it softer and dirt can get ingrained in it), and it looks great.  Almost like having a new floor (again!)!
  6. Felt sick and demotivated due to hormones.  Ugh.
  7. Was sad and pathetic due to going on light duty at work.  I spent 2 days feeling sorry for myself.  I never realized how much I attached my identity to my job.  I was also upset about going to midnights, but it has worked out well, since I no longer have morning sickness.  Shayne also is on midnights now, so we see each other more.  Note to self: Don't feel sorry for yourself until you know that something isn't going to work out well.
  8. Began fall yard cleanup.  I would have done more, but we have a mosquito infestation in our yard that makes it very difficult to go outside without one of these:
  9. Went for a much-needed hike to Indiana Dunes.  Nothing makes you feel better than slogging 5 miles through sand and up dunes.  Thanks mom!  :)

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