Stairway progress photos

I thought I had posted these the other day, but evidently I forgot... For any interested parties, here are photos of the stairway as it stands right now.

It looks a bit nicer in the photos than in person, but progress has been made. A lot of it has been on the side of the spindles facing the wall and facing the other spindles. I'm so excited to be nearly finished. I'll definitely be working on it on my next days off.

Another thing I forgot to post about was my bargain lamp. I found it at a store than was going out of business, marked $49.99, reduced from $139.99. I offered the clerk $40, and she accepted. It might not stay in the living room, but it was a great deal!

And lastly, I ordered the rug. I received an e-mail saying we should have it in two to three weeks, which is good. By then, I should be finished sanding...

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Todd said...

Nice job on the stripping, that is a HUGE pain in the neck. I love seeing people restore old homes.

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