Kitchen Layout Idea Version 1.0

After looking at the original cabinets out in the garage, I came up with a tentative kitchen layout. I mocked it up using the Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer, and I think that I like it. Since the storage configuration is so different, though, I'll need to do some more thinking to see if all of our stuff will fit in the cabinets.


Greg said...

My initial thought was that the DW was too far away from the sink. Just off the top of my head, what about putting the DW where the fridge is, and move the fridge to the right of the stove. This would give you more counter space around the sink, and also move the stove closer to the sink, which wouldn't hurt.

Di said...

This was a mock-up using the existing original cabinets, so the places for the appliances are a little non-negotiable... I'm beginning to think that it might not work though, for basically the reasons you outlined: everything is still awkward and not-quite in the right spots. The fridge is currently next to the doorway to the porch (where greg suggested), and it really hogs the space when you come in from the porch. I don't hate it there, but I don't like it either. I need to do more playing around, but I have a feeling some home-made cabinets are in our future...

Mike said...

The first thing Tina and I do when we're trying to figure out how to lay out the kitchen is to open everything up and stand there. Open the oven door, refridgerator door, entry doors, pantry door, etc. This way we can make sure that none of the doors bang together or touch any of the others and we can both be in the kitchen doing stuff at the same time.

Once we're done with that we look at everything and think about where the first place we would look for things like glasses and silverware is and then put them there.

Then we basically place everything where we want it based on those observations.
Seems to work out well for us.