I'm impressed with myself... Today is my first day off, and I've actually accomplished what I planned to, along with a couple of other things. So far, I weeded the back flowerbed for the second time (note to self: Use Preen this time!!), assembled the new Black and Decker mini workbench, sanded some of the living room woodwork, made cookies, did the dishes, and cleaned up some of the clutter in the garage and the house. Up next is vacuuming the house and possibly some painting. If I don't paint, it will be because I'm trying to declutter the few livable spaces we still have.

We really need to start organizing our stuff. We are accumulating piles at an alarming rate. Part of the problem is that I don't want to buy any furniture that we won't keep for a long time. And I also don't want to buy any furniture until the room that it will go into is finished. It's hard enough to keep moving things around with the little furniture we have. I also change my mind so many times in the course of a project that buying furniture before the project even starts could be very counter-productive. I know that the downstairs will be Arts and Crafts style to match the period and character of the house. Upstairs I'd like to be a little more expressive. I don't want it to clash, but I definitely want the private areas of the house to be a little more personal.

Tomorrow, Shayne is off work, so we'll be working on the landscaping again. He's going to go pick up a yard of dirt so that we can finally finish the flowerbed in the front. It looks much better without the bushes, and I'm sure it will look great once we get some flowers in there.

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