Nickle and dimed (with some extra zeroes)

I woke up today feeling awful.  I overdid it a bit yesterday and ended up bleeding again.  Oops.  And even though I got about 8 hours of sleep, I don't really feel rested at all.  Oh well.  It's not like I had big plans today or anything.

I should have taken a few pics of the huge tree limb before they cleaned it up.  The tree trimmers came on Wednesday.  Since our septic is between the back of the yard and the driveway, they couldn't take their big truck back there.  So they took a Bobcat.  Our yard is totally trashed.  I can only imagine what the European countryside looked like during WWII if one little Bobcat could tear up our yard so much.  On top of it all, it cost $400.  At least we still have a bit in savings to get us through the rest of the time I'm off work, but that will about wipe us out.  And that's not even counting the medical bills that I know are coming...  Thank God I have a job to go back to, even if it's just riding a desk for a while.  Shayne has also picked up some overtime in another small town, so we'll have some extra money coming in from that as well.

I didn't post about it yet, but we had another plumbing incident in between the loss of the babies.  The main drain clogged (again) and backed up into the kitchen sink.  The kitchen drain plumbing chose that time to give out and started leaking from every joint.  We got a bucket under it fairly quickly, but some water still got into the cabinet, went through the floor, and into the basement.  We had the drain snaked so the water would go down, and the guy was planning on coming back in two days to install a clean-out in the basement so that he could really clean out the line between the septic and the house (They poured the driveway over the tank and installed a riser so that there would be access from outside.  But there's no way to clean the line from outside now.  Thanks Previous-Previous Owner...We'll just add that to the list of reasons I love you.).  Unfortunately, the first cleaning didn't "take", so when Shayne went up to take a shower, it all came up the kitchen sink, out the leaky drain, overflowed the bucket, and into the basement.  All over our pantry.

Suffice it to say that it's all better now.  Shayne re-plumbed the drain, Drain Guy installed the clean-out, and $900 later, we have a functional wastewater disposal system.

Seriously, if we make it through this year without going into debt, it will be a miracle.

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