The story of the twins: Part 4

I am posting these updates retroactively.  It's actually August 1, but I feel like this is an important part of my life to share.  These posts were originally on a message board, but since my blog is something like my journal, I wanted to have the story here as well.  Also, I'm sure I'll mention these events in the future, so I want the background available.  And, just maybe, my story will help someone else who is going though the same thing.

6 days!

I seriously dread every night because that's when I lost the baby and both pieces of the placenta.  Since there was no pain, I kind of freak out a bit every time I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  It's like I'm just waiting for something else to fall out, even though I know that if there were problems now, it would be a full-blown labor/miscarriage experience and have lots of signs.

I was reading a bit in the birth loss forums, and came across a good idea.  I had my mom make some phone calls, and we found a funeral home that will cremate Baby Boy for us for free.  I feel terrible about keeping him in the freezer...   But I don't want to bury him until we know what will happen with his sister.  This will be a good interim solution, and then we may choose to scatter his ashes near the place where he was born and still plant the tree in our yard as a memorial.

I wasn't feeling Baby Girl moving yesterday, so I got a little worried.  I laid on the couch and called my best friend, and she started wiggling up a storm.  I guess she likes her "aunt"!  I also felt her a bit last night.  I'm so, so grateful for every day she stays inside growing bigger and stronger.  Only 8 more days til the doc will be more optimistic, then 7 weeks to official viability.  

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