The basement organizing spree: Stuck

We've ground to a halt on the basement reorganization of 2011.  All of our house decorations, personal mementos, and things are organized and in bins.  Shayne's LED stuff?  Not so much.  Some of it is in bins, baskets, and bags.  Some of it is strewn on the shelves.  There are a few things on the floor.  I'm trying not to rip my hair out, because the man insists that it is organized.  *snort*

Seriously, though, it is much better.  It's not photo-worthy yet, but we have made lots of progress.  We need to figure out exactly what's going on with the "family room" portion of the room, because that will dictate where we put things away over on that side.

Progress is so slow when you don't ever have time off with your spouse.  But speaking of that... I have something in the works that may solve it.  There's a good chance that I'm going to transfer into an IT position at work and be on day shift.  I have seriously mixed feelings about this.  It will, unfortunately, take me off road patrol for a while, but the trade-off is that when I get pregnant again (this summer??) I won't have to worry about "light duty".  I'll also have a position where I can pump at work and not worry about the logistics.  I'll also have my evenings with Shayne and Ethan.  We'll be able to have dinner together, and I'll actually get to cook it!

I'm a bit sad about it, though.  I'll really miss my guys from the road.  We have lots of fun, and I missed them a lot when I was pregnant last time.  I'd also miss the feeling of directly making a difference in people's lives.  Granted, not all of them are exactly grateful for our interference, but sometimes... sometimes you know that you have truly helped someone.  Or when everything comes together and you catch the guys that held up the pizza delivery person.  Or the chronic shoplifters from a pharmacy.  Or even just a drunk driver that could have killed someone.  When everything happens just right, there's such a rush of accomplishment.  Even if you're not instrumental to making it happen, just being a part of it and knowing you're making the world a safer place is a great feeling.

I should know what's going on by March.  I guess it's already been approved for me to transfer, but we're waiting on our new recruits to be done training so that our manpower is up where it needs to be.  We'll see what happens!

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