Backyard Chickens: Rainbow Eggs

My new girls are laying!!  My other Australorp finally started too (see the pale brown egg in the center that is smaller than the rest?), so I've been getting anywhere from 1 to 3 eggs per day.  I have no supplemental lights or heat, so I'm surprised I've gotten any.  It'll really be something in the summer to get 5 per day!  I love how they lay different shades of green and brown so I can tell whose are whose.  The dark green is from the silver Easter Egger, the light green from the red/gray Easter Egger, pale brown is the Australorp with the smaller comb, medium brown is the Australorp with the big comb, and dark brown is the Wyandotte.  The buff Orpington, before her untimely demise, laid pale brown eggs with white speckles.

I love chickens!

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Jen said...

Those green ones are lovely!