Office progress photos

There's been about a two week time-lapse since these were taken, but I figured I'd post them anyways.  This first one is a view into the master bedroom/office closet now that the paneling has been removed.  You can see the office in the background.
Next is the gaping hole where the non-original built-in bookshelf used to be.  You can see the knob and tube wiring that I'm guessing used to feed a closet light, but now leads to our bedroom light and fan.  The framing is between the soon-to-be office closet and the office.
And all the demo debris...  We ended up tossing a lot of it out the window (classy, huh?) to avoid tracking dirt all over the house.  The plaster bits we loaded into paper bags and carried out like normal human beings.
Currently, all of the patches are covered over and 3 of the walls and the ceiling are ready to be primed.  As of yesterday, the ceiling was textured to match the rest of the house.  We probably could have gone with smooth, since Tony did a great job on repairs, but we thought it would be odd to have 1 bedroom smooth and the rest of the house with a "crowsfoot" texture. 
We had some scheduling conflicts with the electrician, so the the knob-and-tube is still in service.  Once that is removed, Tony can repair the last little bit of the last wall, and we can frame in the new closet opening.  Right now the old wiring is in the way...
I was really hoping to be done by this coming weekend, but I don't think it's gonne happen.  We're still pretty close, though.  At least we're done with the really messy stuff.

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