Office progress (Or: holy shit, what did we do?!)

Holy. Crap. I know we're on the way to making things better, but as of right now, they just seem so much worse!! Last night, Shayne and I partially gutted the former master bedroom closet. This is going to be put back the way it was originally and separated into 2 closets: one for the master bedroom, one for the office. So our prep work consisted of tearing down all the paneling the that PPOs installed over the plaster, removing a scabbed-on heat duct from the main duct, tearing out a non-original built-in bookshelf that faced out into the master bedroom, tearing down part of a wall for the new closet opening, and removing the sections of plaster and lath that were too far gone to save.

And I thought the upstairs was in chaos before... We now have a gaping hole in our bedroom wall, through which you can see all the way through the closet and out the office window. To say it looks like a crack house is an understatement. it was actually kind of scary sleeping up there last night. Even though it was dark, I could just feel that big opening that doesn't belong there. Yeek.

I took pictures, but since the computer and all associated cables are packed away at the moment... I'll try to dig out the camera cord this evening and at least load the pics from the laptop.

The good news is that we didn't find any surprises. At this point in the game, surprises are bad. We're still trying to handle the last surprise of knob and tube wiring.

More good news is that Tony is coming over this afternoon to help fix our chaos. I think he'll still be working on the office ceiling, but by Thursday he should be able to start on the closet. A few more weeks, and hopefully our rooms will be back the way they should be...

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