Spring cleaning

No, not the house...  The yard.  This afternoon I raked approximately 250 lbs (no, I'm NOT exaggerating) of sand and gravel out of our front yard.  Since the county is woefully short of money, we didn't use much salt this year.  Instead, the highway department laid down sand to provide traction.  And since our road has a school and a fire department on it, we get plowed/sanded a lot.  And all of the crap they laid down ended up in the first 7 feet of our grass.  Sigh.

So, now that I've finished with that, maybe we can concentrate on finishing raking leaves.  Due to the torrential rain and early snow last fall, we didn't quite get all the leaves up.  We did manage to get them into piles, minimizing the areas of grass that were killed, but that was as good as it got.  I was able to strategically locate the leaf piles where the ground ivy had infested the grass anyways, so this is actually a blessing in disguise.  Now maybe we can grow some grass back there..

And, last but not least, we're finally gearing up for some spring house work!  After pretty much taking the winter off, we've decided it's time to get off our lazy asses and hire someone else to do some work for us.  I know, we're real over-achievers...  Still, since we know little to nothing about framing, we've decided to call in a handy man to help us out.  He should be coming by sometime early next week to look at the office closet situation, and we'll be going from there.  Once he's framed over the weird opening into the hall closet, we'll be able to hang the 1 or 2 pieces of drywall and finish our skimcoating.

Can anyone renovate a house slower than us?

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Jennifer said...

I'm stiff competition for the slow house renovation! :)