Random thoughts

 It didn't start out that way, but today ended up being a busy day in the kitchen.  It was one of those days that reminded me how far I've come, which was really needed.  Since I'm not really having a garden this year, I feel like I'm taking steps backwards instead of forward.  But I am making progress, just in different directions.

Dinner was burgers on the grill (made with local, organic, grass-fed beef), with corn (home frozen), and coleslaw (I used Marzetti's dressing, but cut the cabbage and carrots myself).  Around cleaning up the kitchen afterwards, I took out the chicken broth I had made two nights ago, reheated, and canned it.  I also heated milk for yogurt, which is now cooling a bit before I can add the starter. 

My dishwasher is full of canning jars, there are 4 quarts of broth cooling on the counter, and more jars of milk and yogurt-to-be in the fridge.  I have a jar of homemade lotion on the window sill, and another jar of "Neosporin" ointment next to the stove.  My cupboards are full of them, containing everything from dry beans and pasta to peaches and applesauce.  If there is a single item that embodies homesteading, I'd have to say it's a Ball jar.  I need to get more.  I love them, and if it were up to me, my basement pantry would look like this:

Time to go check the yogurt and see if I can go to bed yet!

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