Today really brought home how much I love canning jars.  They're so convenient for so many things, that I can't figure out how some people live without them.  Just today I used them for:
  • "canning" maple syrup that I bought in bulk from the farmer's market.  I bought a half-gallon and repackaged it into pints so that it wouldn't crystallize before I could use it.
  • mixing up a bit of BBQ sauce in a half-pint jar to take out to the grill
  • packing up leftovers from dinner (pint)
  • repackaging honey from the store that was in a plastic jug.  I can't remember why I bought this instead of local honey, but it was starting to crystallize.  The narrow mouth of the plastic made it really hard to get to the honey, and I was hesitant to put the plastic in the microwave.
  • making sun tea (half gallon)
  • a makeshift coffee mug
 This is in addition to the jars in my fridge that hold my milk, the jars of food that I've canned, the jars of dry beans in the pantry, and the jars of soup and chili I froze in the freezer.  Seriously, I use them for everything.

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