In which I actually do something house-related (!!)

A few months ago, I noticed that the airport had acquired a cute little bungalow.  They've been buying up houses like mad for the past several years; they knocked down a half-mile of neighborhood to move a road and expand the runway, and there are plans for another expansion in the future.  This little bungalow was in the way.  Once the weather cleared up a bit, I went to check out the house.  Not only was it cute on the outside, it was adorable and in near-perfect shape inside.  Aside from the shaggy carpet in the living room, the house looked like it fell out of the '30s.  The entire upstairs floor is pine, and there is beadboard everywhere

Living room windows

Original plumbing

Beadboard sunroom

Beadboard wainscot and original kitchen cabinets

Jackpot!  LOTS of pine flooring!

I spoke with the airport property manager and found that it had already been awarded to a demolition company (which meant that the airport couldn't OK me going in to salvage anything).  I got the demo company name and phone number, and, after a bit of run-around, got permission to go in to salvage flooring, windows, cabinets, beadboard, plumbing fixtures, and anything else I'd like. 

They're doing a final walkthrough today in preparation for demolition later this week, but we can go in once they're done today.  That doesn't give us a lot of time, but I'm sure I can still get some goodies!


Jessie said...

Wow, nice score! Good luck with the salvaging. I'm jealous, I could use some pine floors!

Limette said...

Awesome! Have fun digging out your treasures.

Omar said...

Sweet house -- that stinks it's fate is sealed, but I think it's awesome you want to save as much salvage as you can.