Toddling along...

I'm not sure that anyone really noticed my absence, but I haven't had any time to even think about updated recently.  About a month ago, Ethan took his first steps.  He's a little on the slow side of normal to hit his milestones, but when he starts to do something new, he does it well almost immediately.  Like rolling.  He practiced a bit, but once he rolled over once, he was constantly doing it.  And crawling...  He never got up on his hand and knees, never rocked, never seemed to practice.  Then one day he just took off.

It's been the same with walking.  He went straight from cruising the furniture to walking across the room.  He took 3 steps on his own to start with, and they've just multiplied exponentially from there.  Now he's almost running. 

On top of that, he spends every second trying to remove the contents from every cupboard or terrorize the dog.  And since he's so busy... so am I.  :)

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Julie said...

Enjoy this time. It passes to quickly. They grow up to fast.

A mom in NJ who's little ones are all grown up now.