Water woes, etc.

Two nights ago, we had a mini-disaster...  The main drain clogged, and the entire contents of our bathtub ended up backing up into the dishwasher, pouring out into the kitchen, and seeping down into the basement.

BIG mess.

Our cheapo laminate floor is ruined, which isn't a huge deal since it only cost us $125 anyways.  But it's just one more thing to make the house look crappy until we get around to replacing it.  Hopefully that will be soon.  The drain folks are coming out tomorrow morning, so we'll see what happens.

In other news, Shayne found trim to match the existing stuff at the ReStore, so he trimmed out the closets this weekend.  It's starting to look finished!  We still have to find doors, but at least we're moving along.  Maybe in a day or so I'll take the remainder of the painted trim to the Strip Shoppe so that it can get nekkid.

The chickens are doing well and have expanded their range into our neighbors' yards.  Thankfully none of them mind, but we've apparently been the topic of several conversations at the bar down the street.  I never thought that chickens would be the talk of the town, but I guess there's not a lot going on here...!  I'm just glad that nobody is bothered by them, though I do worry a bit that they'll venture out into the road and get hit.

The meat birds out at the 5-Oh Farm are also doing well and should be ready to butcher in 2 weeks or so.  Jay has decided to take them down to Wakarusa for processing, since his Whiz-bang chicken plucker isn't finished.  We should still get fresh, semi-free range, hormone/antibiotic-free birds for less than $7 each.  He had extra, so we're getting 20 now instead of 10 (but splitting with my mom).  I really wanted to learn how to butcher, but maybe next year.  I'm thinking about getting a few of the "Freedom Ranger" chicks and raising them myself.  Too soon to decide.

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Anonymous said...

Totally off topic - but I just finished reading your blog from the beginning and came across some info recently that might help when you can or freeze peaches again - try using a grapefruit spoon to get the pit out after you've cut them in half. Supposedly the serrations help cut around the pit without totally destroying the flesh. I've never tried it, but it sounds like it might work.

Good luck with all you are doing and enjoy Ethan - he is such a cutie!