Backyard chickens: Update

The girls spend most of every day on pest patrol in the side yard.  Since this is where the garden is, I'm thrilled with their choice!  Since the mulberries have started coming on, they can almost always be found right under the mulberry tree, eating berries and flies. 

The neighbor's kids came over yesterday to help with storm clean-up.  By the time they left, they were both begging their mom to let them have chickens too.  I'm really surprised at how much kids like the hens.  I figured in today's electronic society, they'd just think the chickens were boring.  I'm so glad to be proven wrong!


Omar said...

LOL, love that pic! I want chickens too..

Darren (Green Change) said...

Great pic! Do you have trouble with the chickens scratching in your gardens? How do you stop them?

Amy Pools said...

It almost looks like they are posing!