I'm Cheating...!

I can't decide if I'm ashamed or relieved. I made a call earlier to a local refinishing shop to get an approximate quote for stripping some of my baseboards. Not the flat, easy part, but the little 2" strip of intricate design. I want the living room done by Christmas, and I just don't have the time or inclination right now to do it all myself. There's right around 50 feet of it, and the price he quoted me is reasonable (I'll post more details once the work is finished). It was just a ballpark figure, but we can afford it, and I so badly want the room finished. Two years is too damn long.

I can't help feeling like I'm a quitter though. Granted, I've done a LOT of the work myself, and the focal point of the room, the stairway, will be all my own work. I was just hoping to be able to say that we did it all... There's just not enough time this year with my job change, and training, and both of us working full-time.

Someone, please tell me I'm still a real do-it-yourselfer...!


drwende said...

You're still a real DIYer. You're just a real DIYer whose living room will be done while you're still young enough to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Some things are better left to someone else. You did all the hard work. Be proud.

I like your new header, too.

Guess who?

Omar said...

I think there's a balance on all this house stuff people have to recognize. It's a hobby, and I think it's wonderful to get a little consumed in the process of a restoration. But you still have a life, work, family, etc. It depends largely on how much you're willing to push the time you work on a house into the time you'd normally devote to these other things. I'm starting to realize this now. While I love to work on my house, I try not to take away too much from living in it.

I'm sure you'll find plenty else to do around the house that won't require professional help. I have tons of woodwork that needs to be refinished and I'm tempted to get help too. I'm on the five year plan, so we'll see how close I get. :)