Kitchen inspiration

I found this picture posted over at Schmich Schack, and it was like a lightbulb went on in my head.
Those are our cabinets! Remember the fugly green cabinets out in the garage?

That's what they are supposed to look like! The ones in the picture even have the same hardware! I knew that they could look nice with some work, but I somehow wasn't able to extend my imagination far enough to see what they should be. I can't say I'm crazy about the green walls (they look nice, but it's not what I want in my kitchen), and I'd like a tile backsplash instead of the beadboard, but I now have a clear idea of what the cabinets should be. I ran it by Shayne, and it even meets his approval... :)

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sacha.laustsen said...

Those cabinets could be gorgeous! I actually don't mind the "Martha Stewart green" (although who knows...maybe they're more avacodo in person). Will you go with the bead board like in the photo or something else. A nice subway tile backsplash might be nice...