Are we there yet?

With all the chaos in our lives right now, I'm amazed that we've been able to get anything done. Shayne's still plugging away on the garage project I haven't even mentioned yet, and I've been trying very hard to keep the house in some semblance of order. He's having much more success than I am.

The garage project is to create a workshop for Shayne out of the original garage. So far he's cleaned, sealed, and painted the floor, insulated, framed in a wall to divide the workshop from the "new" garage, added an air conditioner, and began putting up drywall. It's really going to be nice when he's done. Unfortunately, the rest of the garage is now an utter disaster. We barely have room to park the cars, and I occasionally bash into some stacked woodwork while trying to park.

With the hot weather I haven't made any progress on the sanding (surprise...). I did start working on the wallpaper stripping again, though. It's going so much faster upstairs than it seemed to downstairs. I got a 2.5' by 6' area done inside an hour yesterday. I've decided that I was being too careful before. There's no way I'm going to hurt the plaster with a plastic putty knife. Now that I'm not afraid to be a little more aggressive, it goes much faster. And the sooner I get the office done, the sooner I can have the ductowkr re-run, and the sooner we'll have a decent amount of air conditioning upstairs (yay!). It's probably 8 degrees hotter upstairs than downstairs, which isn't terrible, but it gets a little stuffy up here.

Today's chores include more wallpaper stripping and attempting to organize some of the garage.

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