Spring has sprung

Not only has the weather been great, everything has finally come back to life. The grass turned green yesterday (weird how that happens after a few good storms), my spring bulbs are sprouting and blooming, and frogs are singing at night. This morning I got up early and started cleaning up the yard. I got all the leaves and last year's dead plants out of the flowerbeds, and rearranged a few of the bulbs that moved around on their own. I somehow ended up with tulips and daffodils in the front flowerbed, which makes no sense. Last year, we ripped out the yew bushes and had a load of dirt dumped there. Now, there are flowers there that I didn't plant. Not that I'm complaining...

If I don't go grocery shopping tonight, I'm going to try and work on the wallpaper a bit. It's hard to do anything after work lately, since I'm so tired out. New jobs are stressful, and even though it's a good kind of stress, I'm still pretty exhausted when I come home. Shayne made some good pregress on the office, and now one wall is paneling-free. He also got the furring strips off the ceiling. It pisses me off that they out up those ceiling tiles. The ceiling in the office was in near-perfect shape, and they did more harm than good by putting all those nails in it. Instead of a few cracks, now there are groups of nail holes every 12 inches. I know it could have been worse, but it was just such a pointless "improvement". I suppose I should take into consideration that every other "improvement" the PPOs made was just as pointless if not downright detrimental to the character, integrity, and function of the house... I shouldn't complain, though, since if they had done better work, I'd have a harder job ahead of me.

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