The Bungalow, by L.L. Bean

It's amazing what you find when you aren't looking for it. Like today, I was browsing L.L. Bean's website, looking for some deals on backpacking gear. And what do I find? A bungalow bedspread. I can't say that it's my style (though it is starting to grow on me...), but it was an interesting find nonetheless. L.L. Bean also has a Mission style furniture collection that is nice for the price. It's available here. Wall work is progressing slowly, as usual. My shoulder is acting up again, so even though it's my day off, I'm taking a break. I did strip a good-sized area last night, so at least my days off aren't a total bust. I'll probably work on it some more tomorrow, so long as my shoulder feels okay. I found a few days ago that the walls in the bathroom are drywalled. This came as something of a surprise, since I've felt some lumps and bumps here and there under the ever-present wallpaper, so I assumed that they were plaster. After some poking and prodding, and the removal of an outlet cover, I found that they are plaster, under the drywall. The PO's just screwed up drywall, right over the plaster. I swear, this house is an onion!! Layers and layers and layers... And speaking of layers, I also discovered that at least one of the walls that I thought was made of paneling is actually plaster - under the paneling, of course. I honestly wish I knew what the hell they were thinking when they layerized this poor house. And put up molding made of plastic in the kitchen. And put up oak quarter-round with all the pine woodowork that they took the time to refinish. And who puts carpet in a kitchen? Or Pergo over hardwood? Aarrgghh!

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Patricia W said...

I love the bedspread. It reminds me of my dad's cottage.