How wrong is this?!

I want to replace the heat vents upstairs with ones that match the originals in the spare room and living room. Problem: They're expensive! See Exhibit A. Not only are they $45 a piece, but that's for broken ones!

"Continuity" Question: What is a period-appropriate replacement for bi-fold closet doors? Granted, we will be replacing the walls that both closet doors are located on, but the space is too narrow to make a single-door walk-in closet. I don't mind the idea of a curtain, but I don't think Shayne will go for it.


Patricia W said...


After pulling up carpet I found one of my heat grates is missing. I didn't even care if the replacement matched just as long as I could find one to fit that works. The floor opening was 9 3/4 x 13, an odd size. As chance would have it I found the right size on ebay and everything is in-tact. As a matter of fact, the pattern was the same as the one original in the house. It cost me $77 with shipping. Way too much but I feel lucky to have found it. Heat grates have become a 'collectible' to hang on the wall so those who have old houses and need to replace one have a tough time of finding one. Troll ebay for a while. There is a guy in Tennessee who has a bunch of them. If you contact him maybe he can help you find one that matches and works. Here is a link to one of his auctions on ebay. Good luck!

Di said...

I love ebay... After a quick search, I found 2 that match what I'm looking for, and they're MUCH cheaper. I'd checked ebay before, but haven't in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

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