Between one thing and another (was I this exhausted at 25 weeks when I was pregnant with Ethan?), it seems like I'm either too tired to do anything, or so busy I can't keep my head on straight.  Eesh.  Here's a quick little update on what we've been doing:
  • transitioning Ethan to a "big boy bed", AKA a twin mattress on the floor.  Overall it is going well, but he likes/wants/needs someone to lay with him for a few minutes to help him settle down.  We've been transitioning to shorter and shorter times, but putting him to bed is a bit more time-consuming.
  • Cooking!  In the past few weeks, I've tried a lot of new recipes, including fajitas, quesadillas, Mexican rice, refried beans, wheat bran muffins, and yogurt.  I think the yogurt deserves its own post, so more on that later.  But we've managed to only eat out twice in the past two weeks, which is a huge accomplishment.  It's been time-consuming to pack myself 2 small meals to eat at work, Ethan's lunch to eat at his "grandparents", plus remembering to make my mocha so I don't wind up at Starbucks.  No wonder I'm tired.
  • Organizing.  Well, trying.  *sigh*  I'm almost at the point where I want to donate the contents of my house to Goodwill and start over.  How is it that junk just seems to multiply exponentially?!
  • Cleaning.  All that cooking = more cleaning.  There was one day I ran the dishwasher 3 times, just to keep up with all the cooking and baking.  Crazy.  I'm not a huge gadget person, but I am so grateful to whoever invented the modern dishwasher!

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Kate F. said...

Yay! Somehow I'd missed the announcement of baby #2--congrats! I'm due with our second in August, and I am SO much more exhausted this time around. With #1 I feel like the second trimester was pretty easy; this time I'm just dragging. I blame the 19-month-old. Also, not sure if you're finding out gender but I had a boy first and am pregnant with a girl now, and it's been 100% different in every way. Much sicker, want different foods, much more tired, etc. I wasn't at all surprised when we found out.